Humate benefits


Humates are highly compressed, natural organic humus, the decayed remains of tropical rain forests which existed millions of years ago in what is now the southwestern United States. Humate deposits were once buried deeply but have been exhumed to near-surface conditions and oxidized by bacterial action in exactly the same way as humus is formed in rich agricultural soils. Thus, humates provide a concentrated source of naturally-occurring humus to your soil.  Humates have a high humic acid content (humic acid is one of the most biochemically active elements in humus).  The minerals and trace elements contained in humates and in the soil are readily available to plants through organic complexing. Adding Humates is the most efficient way to increase the humus content of soil, as it is highly concentrated and much easier to apply than any other form of humic matter. Also, since humates are completely decomposed, they enter into no nutritional competition with plants for nutrients such as nitrogen (not the case with incompletely decomposed compost).

Using humates restores the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal plant growth. The benefits found in this section are some of the results you can expect from applying humates. To view recent compilations of the latest research and publications regarding the benefits of humates, choose an additional publication.

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